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Thank you for your interest in wanting to help restore coral reefs in Hawaii by becoming an in-field concierge with Coral Reef Activities! 

Coral Reef Activities LLC is an eco-friendly activity booking business providing tourists easy access to the best activities the Big Island has to offer. These activity providers or CRA “affiliates” provide a wide range of activities like diving and snorkeling, whale watching, surfing, sailing, luau’s, stargazing, and ziplining so consumers have a wide range of activities to choose from. 

CRA is actively promoting and creating an “ocean-friendly” brand of tourism in the state of Hawaii. To accomplish this goal, we have created an educational program for our affiliates promoting ocean conservation and coral reef education. This program provides marketing and educational materials and conservation training for affiliate staff. In addition, we provide green business consultations giving company specific alternatives to single-use plastics, chemical sunscreens, etc..

The unique selling point of Coral Reef Activities is that booking through us is the same price as booking directly with the activity provider or with other concierge services. But by booking with CRA consumers are using their dollars to make a difference. We donate all of our net profits to the scholarship fund of the Coral Reef Education Institute, a local nonprofit dedicated to restoring coral reefs in Hawaii. There is a growing concern and awareness globally about the damages to our coral reefs and consumers are paying attention. Consumers want to have an opportunity to help make a difference.  

As an in-field concierge for Coral Reef Activities, you will have access to a simple app on your computer, tablet, or phone to book all of the activities available to us and make 10% percent of the sale. Each month we generate a report that will summarize your sales and you will be paid monthly for your commission earned. You will work as an independent contractor (1099) allowing you to make your own schedule. Our in-field concierge team consists of community members like you who directly interact with tourists and any other community member that would like to make a residual income. 

The app was developed by our affiliate company, Fareharbor. Fareharbor is an online activity and tour booking software company. They provide the best online booking software to help tour, rental, and activity businesses succeed. Coral Reef Activities holds a distribution account with Fareharbor to sell activities in Hawaii through this app and our website. We have contracts with the activity providers to earn a percentage of the sales we/you make. 

Once you have downloaded the app on your smart device and log in, you will have access to sell a plethora of activities on all main Hawaiian Islands to any visitor or community member you are in contact with. It’s that simple. Here is an example of how you will earn extra income: If you sell 4 seats on a Manta Ray Snorkel on the Big Island and each seat is $100; $100×4= $400. You earn $40 (10%). Most sales can be completed in 5-10 minutes. 

If you are committed to becoming an in-field concierge we will provide you in-depth training for using the Fareharbor app correctly. 

To sign up and begin selling is easy! This is what we would need to get you started:

  1. Your legal Name
  2. Copy of your driver’s license or proof of identification
  3. Copy of social security card 
  4. Completed W-9 IRS form
  5. Your contact information: Mailing address, phone & email address
  6. Preferred user name and password to access our account on the Fareharbor app

Thank you for your participation in restoring coral reefs in Hawaii and helping our activity providers succeed. We look forward to our partnership with you. 

Heather & Paul

Coral Reef Activities